「  Photographer | Filmmaker | Graphic Designer | Illustrator  」

I'm an artist from Sacramento, California. I'm pretty laid back.  I like to experiment with different types of art ranging from Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography, FIlmmaking and everything in between. This is my Photography and Filmmaking portfolio. I like to travel, try new food, and see new culture.  I'm a self-proclaimed Ramen Connoisseur. My favorite types of Ramen are Tonkatsu and Miso but I pretty much like them all.  I longboard and explore cities on my electric board, I DJ and produce music here and there, and I go to EDM music festivals around the world.  My favorite genre of music is Hardstyle but I listen to a plethora of genres to get inspiration.

One of my main influences across all my art forms is the Japanese culture and tradition as well as Minimalism.  The balance of tradition and modernity in Japan is one of a kind.  As an artist, I strive be to be a better storyteller.


I shoot pretty much anything I see appealing to me but my main focus are Street Photography, Portraits, and Landscapes. There's something about street photography, the raw, unscripted, grittiness, flavor of the moment captured that draws me to it.


I shoot travel films, music video, as well as artsy, abstract, videos. I want to capture the world the way it should be seen, at least through my artistic lens.

Design & Illustration
What started out as “playtime” and “doodling” as a kid, developed into a curiosity, became a hobby, that led to a passion. Minimalism and Flat design is my cup of tea.


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ADDY AWARD | 2012 – 2013

From American Advertising Federation (AAF)
• Gold for GOTHAM Integrated Campaign (Local)
• Gold for GOTHAM Integrated Campaign (District)
• Student Best of Show for GOTHAM Integrated Campaign (Local)


From California Industrial & Technology Association
• First Place Award for GOTHAM Branding
• Outstanding Project for GOTHAM Branding
• Outstanding Project for Cultivate R-Space Branding


From Journalism Association of Community Colleges
• First Place: Front Page Layout (Broadsheet)
• First Place: Student Designed Advertisement


From Sacramento City College
• Silver in Print Design
• Silver in Web Design


「  The Art of Sight  」

The name "House of Intent" comes from the design phrase “design with a purpose" and not to create decorative artwork or add things for the sake of making it look good.  Form follows function.  The word “House” represents myself and the culmination and scope of my work.

The Logo

There are two different logos, one representing Photography and Filmmaking and the other representing Design and Illustration.

Inside the inner circle is a stylized Japanese Kanji「 見 」that stands for sight, vision, to see. This goes hand in hand with photos and video since it’s mostly visual.

The circle itself represents the lens and opening of a camera. The 3 points connected to the circle represents the Exposure Triangle in photography and filmmaking which are Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO.

The petals surrounding the circle is called a laurel wreath which stands for victory and honor (Greek origins). These petals also represent the aperture blades in a lens that make those creamy background blur that we all like. The blurry parts of an image is called Bokeh (ボケ) (Japanese origin).

Taking the meaning of the Kanji 見 and the meaning of the laurel and putting them together. The logo translates to “Victory in Sight” which is kind of a play-on word of when you’re taking a photo/video and looking through the eye piece/monitor of a camera, the subject and image you’re capturing is your victory.